Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Vogue's Featured Cruise Port"

Kingstown, St. Vincent


   "Kingston is a small Caribbean city that's big on old world charm. As capital of the lush volcanic island of St. Vincent, known to the Caribs as "Hairoun" (Land of the Blessed), Kingstown welcomes tranquility-seekers and adventurers alike. If strolling down cobblestone streets and visiting beautiful old churches is just your speed, you're in luck. However, St. Vincent also offers plenty of opportunities for spotting dolphins, hiking nature trails and swimming in waterfalls."

The One Thing You Don't Want to Miss

"A trip to Kingstown would not be complete without a visit to the St. Vincent Botanical Gardens. Established in 1763, they are the oldest in the Western Hemisphere and are home to some of the island's remaining endangered St. Vincent parrots, as well as some very rare indigenous plants and trees. This beautiful 20-acre park serves as a peaceful sanctuary in the middle of a city that's constantly abuzz."

Sporting Adventures

"If you're an explorer at heart, climbing the volcano could be the perfect challenge to round out your vacation. But for a less intense workout in equally spectacular surroundings, head out to Buccament Valley for some hiking and bird watching on the Vermont Nature Trails. And keep your eyes peeled for other interesting species of wildlife, like iguanas and armadillos."

Local Flavors

"The best way to get a taste of this authentic Caribbean city is by visiting Kingstown Market where you'll find people from all over selling spices, fruits, flowers and more. From the rich aromas and textures to the colorful personalities, it is truly a unique experience. So be sure to come prepared for lots of photo opportunities!"

Shopping for Bargains

"With only a dozen small blocks to cover, Kingstown is an ideal city for walking around and browsing in shops. Whether you're looking for local crafts to take home as souvenirs or you're in the market for a bigger investment like crystal or bone china, you'll find them - and everything in between - in the "City of Arches."


"The official currency of St. Vincent is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$), however U.S. dollars are widely accepted in most restaurants, shops and hotels. The same is true for credit cards and traveler's checks."

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