Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Hot and Happening Spots"

Week 6: "Unanticipated Adventure in Curacao"


by Taylor Harker from Recommend magazine

   "The "C" of what's known as the ABC islands-Curacao-Aruba and Bonaire being the A and B, respectively-is a wee island of just 171 sq. miles. But don't let its size fool you-this itty-bitty piece of paradise is packed with authentic culture, distinctive food and a rich history."

   "The island differentiates itself from its Caribbean neighbors in the activities, too. With such a heritage, Willemstad offers less of the jet skiing, parasailing and banana-boating and instead offers a handful of activities that might prove much more interesting to the intrepid traveler."

   "For instance, how many Caribbean islands can you name that offer safari tours? At the Curacao Ostrich Farm, guests can board an open-sided safari vehicle for a tour that'll teach them everything there is to know about ostriches and ostrich farming. Meanwhile, thrill-seekers will jump at the chance of an ostrich ride. The island's historic slave-trade roots come out in the restaurant where an array of African meals, including ostrich burgers and steaks, can be sampled, or in the gift shop, which features a selection of authentic African souvenirs to take home."

   "An even more culturally involving experience can be had at Dinah Veeris' Den Peradara herb garden. You can opt for a self-guided tour of the gardens, learning the medicinal benefits of a variety of plants and trees via posted signs throughout, but for a truly immersive visit, schedule your tour with Dinah herself. Even meal settings in Curacao are an authentic experience. On this less-traveled island, gastronomy is often an open-air affair, in restaurants featuring picnic-style seating and open kitchen layouts. Consider the handwritten and verbal menus a testament to know how fresh the meals will fresh, in fact, that it's not even worth printing the day's featured selections, since they're just bound to change tomorrow."

Quoted from Recommend magazine July 2012 vol.27 number 10 pages 52,54,55

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