Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Secrets From A Travel Agent"

Week 6: Tico's Travel Safety Tips

Toucan Symbolizes Monarch

   Travelers are faced with the task of protecting themselves while in a strange environment. Although there is no way to guarantee absolute protection from crime, the experts-law enforcement officials-advise travelers to take a proactive approach to securing their property and ensuring their safety. Precautions can save a vacation...

- Leave valuables at home! Also, be sure to leave a copy of your travel itinerary at home with your family and/or friends.

- Never leave your luggage unattended! Make sure your bags are labeled both in/outside. 

- When traveling by car, keep your doors locked and keep everything in the trunk.

- Familiarize yourself with local laws, customs, and language of where you are visiting. Register in person with the U.S. Embassy and/or Consulate upon arrival.

- Remember when you are at a hotel, make sure the clerk doesn't announce your room number, never open your door to a stranger, and always use room safes or lock boxes provided by the hotel.

- Keep valuables (passport, money, credit cards, etc...) hidden when you're on the move. Place your valuables in a money belt or neck purse, as they are safer than a fanny pack. Remember, to carry these things in two or more separate locations.

- It is recommended to exchange some of your money into local currency, but only convert what you need for a day or two. 

- "Be on guard" for pickpocketers and/or people who "accidentally" bump into you in major tourist areas. Bus, train, and subway stations; markets, and airports are all prime targets for this. In general, avoid walking alone after dark.

- If using an ATM, choose one in a well-lit public area with plenty of people around.

- Beware of purchasing counterfeit products, such as jewelry, clothes, and electronics. Always purchase your products from a legitimate chain store. 

- Carefully assess the risk of recreational activities on the islands. Sports equipment that you rent or buy might not meet U.S. safety standards. Be especially careful when out on excursions.

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