Friday, July 20, 2012

"Secrets From A Travel Agent"

Week 4: River Cruises

   Have you ever thought of taking a river cruise? River cruises have become increasing popular among travelers recently. Unlike typical cruises, river cruises are more intimate with ships accommodating fewer passengers and can sail into smaller ports in cities along many rivers of the world. These cruises usually hold between one and two hundred guests and call on ports that have docks near or sometimes in the center of towns and cities. 

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   The many advantages river cruises have over "big ship" cruising are not just less passengers. With fewer people on board, guests truly experience personal luxury. These cruises have a greater staff to guest ratio than "big ship" cruising, which translates to more a more personalized travel experience. The feel aboard these vessels is country club casual. Nearly all cruise fares include shore excursions, bottled water, beer, wine, soft drinks, and specialty coffees. With these inclusions, guests don't feel as though they are being "nickle and dimed" on the little "extras" that big ships charge for. 

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   If you are thinking of taking a river cruise, now is the time to plan and book your trips for 2013. Here's the secret: cruise operators are now offering 2 for 1 cruise fares and sometimes 2 for 1 airfare depending on the itinerary and dates for 2013. Destinations for river cruising are numerous including: Europe, Asia, Egypt, Russia, and the Galapagos islands to name a few. Taking a river cruise is a truly unique and enjoyable experience that should be on your travel wish list.     

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