Friday, July 13, 2012

"Secrets From A Travel Agent"

Week 3: "Saying "I do" in the Caribbean"

   According to Recommend magazine, "Because Caribbean weddings are so popular in the U.S., it's generally easy to tie the knot in the islands. Still, whenever possible, couples marrying in the Caribbean, along with their travel agent, should work with resort wedding coordinators to ensure they meet all the legal requirements mandated by their respective island nation. Each island has different legal requirements. Some islands require the bride and groom to be in the country a certain number of days before applying for a license; others allow couples to apply for a license remotely. Most islands require passports, birth certificates and proof of marital status to issue marriage licenses."
   One of the best kept secrets, if you are thinking of having an island wedding, is that June is the most popular and expensive month to plan your event. Depending on your schedule and budget, it may be worth exploring other months to get married in an island getaway. Also, because June is a very popular month, you may want to start planning now for June 2013. Resorts only offer a certain availability and you don't want to miss out on the perfect venue to hold such an important occasion.

Quoted from Recommend magazine June 2012 vol.27 number 9 page 62
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