Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Hot and Happening Spots"

Week 9: Tobago

Tobago Maps and Orientation: Tobago, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

By Ed Wetschler, Recommend Magazine

   "The simple fact that the Magdalena Grand Beach Resort is the first full-service resort to open on Tobago in 12 years tell you a lot about Trinidad's shy little sister. This island at the southern end of the Caribbean is not exactly the capital of big resorts. Instead, it's a land of big trees, orange-winged parrots, coral reefs that glow like neon and locals who haven't been jaded by mass tourism. Ah, but will the Magdalena Grand-a large facility with the amenities of a four-star family- and group-friendly resort- ruin this latter-day Eden? Not at all. Tobago's pristine attractions are too numerous to be disturbed by one new hotel. What the Magdalena Grand does do is turn an island that might have been a mere niche interest for nature lovers, into a viable destination for people whose typical interests are more conventional- a place where they can comfortably try new adventures and get acquainted with Eden."

   "In contrast to most of the other hostelries on Tobago- which include a lot of small inns and hotels that offer limited services- the Magdalena Grand Beach Resort is a self-contained hideaway that will please travelers who want new facilities, golf, a spa, on-premises restaurants and bars, and other familiar touchstones. At the same time, it opens up new worlds through hiking, birding, and snorkeling and diving trips."

   "Tobago resembles a 26-mile-long stogie pointing southwest to northeast, with the Magdalena Grand Beach Resort occupying a long, sandy beach on the Atlantic side where the Hilton used to be. It lies south of the hurricane belt, so this is one of those few Caribbean resorts guests can book for August or September without getting into hot or wind-blown water."

Quoted from Recommend magazine August 2012 vol.27 number 11 page 48

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