Friday, June 29, 2012

"Secrets From A Travel Agent"

Week 1: "It's All About Customer Service"

We would like to share with you six reasons for having our experienced travel agents plan your trip:

1. Get over the idea of great online deals that somehow travel agents can't get. We have access to many sources and cruise and tour specials distributed directly through our consortiums and cruise lines.

2. Online sites are a snap for buying simple trips, but online booking of complicated trips can be--well--complicated, and your chances of missing out on the best deals increase.

3. Upgrades! If you buy cheap, you get cheap. But even when you buy cheap, a good agent can sometimes score a one or two level cabin upgrade on cruises. Also, when you select a bottom-end "from" hotel on a tour package, a good agent can sometimes get you upgraded to a better property.

4. Travel counsel. WE KNOW DESTINATIONS!

5. Efficiency. Online bookings can take a lot of time. It may take two to three hours to zero-in on the best option. If you value your time, a 10 minute call to one of our agents will give you what you'd take hours to find yourself.

6. Help in a pinch. When something "misfires" on your trip, there's no substitute for having us work on a solution where everyone in your predicament is waiting in line for an airline or hotel to find a fix. Serious difficulties don't hit you often, but when they do, our agents are always available.  

So whether you are planning a cruise, land or tour package, African safari, escorted or independent vacations, our travel consultants are ready to serve you. We are experts that specialize in connecting you to the world's best destinations. Remember, when you choose Vogue Vacations you choose to travel the world in style!

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